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Metal fillings are now a thing of the past thanks to advanced cosmetic dental technologies. Dental bonding and porcelain material make today’s fillings virtually invisible. Metal-free fillings are right for you if you have a cavity or would like to replace old metal fillings.

One indicator that you may have a cavity is tooth pain. Cavities are caused by bacteria and are treated by fillings. Untreated, the cavity can lead to gum disease, inflammation, decay, tooth loss, and further pain. If you believe you have a cavity, you need to see a dentist as soon as you can.

Dental bonding or porcelain

Three types of non-metal fillings are offered:

All types are bonded to the tooth they fill and help hold the tooth together, prolonging its life. Missouri Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Janes will determine which option is best for you.


Greater longevity and aesthetic appeal is possible with today’s composite filling materials. They are also far less damaging to the health of your tooth. Only minimal natural tooth removal is needed with most initial composite fillings. They restore decayed areas and seal up spots already weakened so decay will not spread.

Metal fillings are packed into the cavity and are not bonded to the tooth. Metal also expands and contracts to different temperatures, which adds stress to the structure of the tooth. This weakens the tooth over time, and may even crack it. However, because composite fillings are bonded to the tooth, the tooth is actually strengthened.

Non-metal fillings also eliminate the potential risks of exposure to mercury that exist with traditional metal fillings. It has been estimated that patients with metal fillings are three to four times more likely to be exposed to mercury than all other environmental sources. Ceramic restoration takes away this risk, and is not a highly toxic substance.

If you live in the Hannibal, Missouri or Quincy, Illinois area and think you may be a candidate for non-metal fillings, or have further questions about our cosmetic dentistry procedures, please contact our cosmetic dentist at the office of Dr. Charles Janes today to arrange a dentistry consultation.

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