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As a consumer, it can be difficult to determine who is a capable, trained, and experienced cosmetic dentist and who is not. Many dentists claim to be experienced cosmetic dentists. In fact, any general dentist can legally claim to be a "cosmetic dentist," regardless of how much training he or she has.

To find the best cosmetic dentist in your area, some research is necessary. It’s easy enough to collect a list of possibilities from friends, online searches and the phone book. Before you schedule any consultations, look at the dentist’s website. Read about procedures which might be the ones you need. The more informed you are about your options, the more productive your consultations will be. You can take a list of good questions to the consultation, and if the dentist does not give clear, willing answers, move on. Choose a cosmetic dentist you can communicate well with.

Most people do not know that advanced, comprehensive cosmetic dentistry is not taught in most dental schools. Further training, and more importantly, ongoing training is necessary to keep up with today’s advances in cosmetic dentistry technologies and procedures. LVI Dentist Dr. Charles Janes is an alum of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), recognized around the world as a quality continuing Dental Education teaching school. Choosing an alum of LVI ensures that your cosmetic dentist has had the best training available.

Cosmetic dentists vs. traditional dentists

To be an experienced, capable, and caring cosmetic dentist requires a very different temperament and approach to dentistry than that of a traditional dentist. A cosmetic dentist must:

  • Have the mindset of a creator, and not just a repair technician. General dentists tend to focus their attention on function. A cosmetic dentist must have this focus along with an added spark of creativity and attention to beauty
  • Be passionate about the appearance of their work, getting it to look as beautiful as possible, and matching or exceeding the patient’s expectations. Be attuned to, and focused toward the patient's perception of the work. Whereas general dentists are trained to believe that they are the best judge of what is best for the patient, cosmetic dentists know that if the patient is displeased with their work, then the work is a failure
  • Have a dedication to extensive hours of education after basic dental school simply for the passion of being able to create beautiful smiles
  • Be adept at the art of communication. The cosmetic dentist has to take all of this artistic and scientific knowledge and apply it to the perceptions of the patient. General dentistry focuses on diagnosing and fixing what is wrong with the tooth. A cosmetic dentist must also diagnose the self-perception of the patient and then address that
  • If you live in the Hannibal, Missouri or Quincy, Illinois area and are in need of an experienced, caring cosmetic dentist, please contact our LVI Dentist at the office of Charles Janes DDS today to arrange a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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